5 Benefits of Adding Balance Therapy to Your Fitness Routine

Balance is an element of fitness that combines with strength, cardio, and flexibility to create a complete picture of overall health. Whether you are holding a yoga pose, looking to improve your agility, or increase strength, balance training improves performance in every aspect of life.

Increased strength

Any form of exercise challenges the muscles and the nervous to increase communication to these areas. With balance therapy, the nervous system communicates with muscles to increase in strength and take on more tasks, ultimately increasing muscle strength. As your nervous system becomes more efficient, it is more skilled at recruiting more muscular power to increase strength and maximize capabilities in everyday functions. Many of the muscles used retraining your vestibular system are unique to your typical training programs, and will really provide you with a challenge.
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Sitting is the new cancer

Cancer can be viewed as a disease that is destructive and hard to contain. The phrase “sitting is new cancer” compares sitting to a disease or destructive practice. The main concern here is the health risks of an over-sedentary lifestyle, which involves spending too much time seating. With advancements in technology, more and more jobs are becoming less physical. Although inevitable, we should limit the amount of time we are seated for as much as possible.
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