Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him… Finally finds relief with PT

The following story is about boxer, Eric Gonzalez, and how FYZICAL changed his life forever. With his life in complete upheaval due to a condition doctors couldn’t identify, boxer Eric Gonzalez finally finds relief with physical therapy.


“Everything was spinning; I couldn’t function, states Eric Gonzalez. “The dizziness I felt was debilitating and affecting all areas of my life. I just felt so much despair.” Gonzalez was suffering from an extreme balance disorder, only he didn’t know it at the time. In his youth, and into adulthood, he loved doing contact sports like boxing, football, and motocross. “When you’re into those types of activities, you do bang your head a lot,” he says, “but when you’re young you don’t think about it; you get up and if you feel OK you keep going.“ But two years ago, when Gonzalez was in his late twenties, he had a motocross accident where he hit his head and blacked out. It was around that time when he first starting experiencing the symptoms of his balance disorder.


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